2014 New Lancing Informer Issue 5

Lancing Bowling Club 1937-2014                                                                         [singlepic id=91 w=320 h=240 float=]        Issue 5  –  September 2014  – Editor -Vic Parsons [singlepic id=245 […]

2014 Lancing B.C Finals Weekend 30th/31st August

     Order of Plat Saturday 30th August Competition Start Rink White Sticker Red Stickers Markers Score Rose Bowl 1015 3 Lynn Down H/C  3   Linda Gray H/C 6    Sally Cox       Moate Cup   1015   4   John Chubb Roy Waddup   Barry Kilhams Danny Minter       […]

2014 Friendly v Mackie Sat 16th Aug

                        Friendly Date:                          Saturday 16th August Start Time                            2 pm. Versus:                                 Mackie   Home/Away:                      Home. League/Friendly/Mixed:   Friendly Men/ Ladies:                        Men Rinks/Triples                        4 x Triples Whites/Greys                      Whites ///////////////////////////////////////// 1     O.Wilcox 2     P.Mount Read 3 S     D.Raymond ///////////////////////////////////////// 1      E.Molyneux 2      A.Best 3 S      R.Tibbey ///////////////////////////////////////// 1      R.Geere 2      P.Mciver 3 S      V.Parsons (Capt) ///////////////////////////////////////// 1       S.Pennock 2       […]

2014 Adur League v Southwick 15th August

                        Adur league Date:                               Friday 15th  August Start Time                            5.30 pm. Versus:                              Southwick   Home/Away:                      Home. League/Friendly/Mixed:   League. Men/ Ladies:                        Mixed. Rinks/Triples                        6 x Triples Whites/Greys                      Greys. ///////////////////////////////////////// 1     J.Parsons 2     S.Pennock 3 S     B.Kilhams ///////////////////////////////////////// 1      O.Wilcox 2        3 S      B.Leigh ///////////////////////////////////////// 1      C.Wady 2      A.Best 3 S      D.Raymond ///////////////////////////////////////// 1      J.Cochran 2      D.Cochran 3 […]

2014 BHDL A v Preston Lost 8-2

                        BHDL Div 1 Date:                          Tuesday 12th August Start Time                            6 pm. Versus:                                 Preston  Home/Away:                       Away League/Friendly/Mixed:   League Men/ Ladies:                        Men Rinks/Triples                        3x Rinks Whites/Greys                      Grey ///////////////////////////////////////// 1     O.Wilcox 2     R.Clements 3      P.MountRead S     P.Hillsden ///////////////////////////////////////// 1      B.leigh 2      S.Pennock 3       D.Cornwall S      B.Kilhams […]

EGM 7th September

The Committee are calling an EGM on Friday 5th September at 7pm in the Club House to discuss the clubs future participation in the Littlehampton Gazette League or the Stracey/Brodie League. All members will be contacted by post soon.   THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE CLUBS FUTURE AND ALL FULL MEMBERS (BOTH LADIES AND GENTLEMEN) […]

2014 Men & Ladies Southwick Top Team Competition 3rd August

[nggallery id=38] On Sunday 3rd August Southwick Association held their annual ‘Top Ten’ round-robin competition. All disciplines, Singles, Pairs, Triples and Rinks was played by teams from Lancing, Southwick, Southwick Park and Shoreham, each playing three games each during the day. Games commenced at 9am playing twelve ends on each discipline. Thanks to Martyn Cooperman […]

2014 Co-operative Ladies Bowling Tournament

    [nggallery id=37] On the 28th July sixty-four players, made up of sixteen teams visited the Lancing Manor on a beautiful sunny day to play an all-day round –robin fours competition.  Pat Clements was the driving factor organising and ensuring everything went to plan. For this day to be a success, to do this […]

2014 Friendly v Burgess Hill

                        FRIENDLY Date:                       Wednesday 6th Aug Start Time                            2:00,pm Versus:                                Burgess Hill Home/Away:                      Away League/Friendly/Mixed:   Friendly. Men/ Ladies:                        Mixed. Rinks/Triples                        3 X Rinks Whites/Greys                      Whites. ///////////////////////////////////////// 1     J.Carter 2     I.Hooker 3     R.Waddup S     B.Kilhams ///////////////////////////////////////// 1      K.Preston 2      F Johnson 3      P.Mciver S      B.Leigh     (Capt) ///////////////////////////////////////// 1      D.Horner 2     D.Bailey 3      A.Geere S      […]

2014 BHDL B v Preston 5th August

                              BHDL (B) Date:                          Tuesday 5th August Start Time                            1730 Versus:                               Preston B Home/Away:                       Away League/Friendly/Mixed:   League. Men/ Ladies:                       Mens. Rinks/Triples                        3 x Rinks Whites/Greys                      Greys ///////////////////////////////////////// 1      I.Down 2      D,Cochran 3     A.Best S     R.Richardson ///////////////////////////////////////// 1      K.Twine 2      K. Stainer 3      R.Goacher S      D.Raymond ///////////////////////////////////////// 1      R.Boakes 2      R.Tibbey 3      D.Muckley S      A. Leppard […]

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