2014 National Fours (Won 43-38)

  The team played in Fours tonight:- Stuart Gobiel,Barry Kilhams,John Chubb,Colin Wood Phil Hillsden, Alan Leppard,Barry Leigh,Ollie Wilcox. Against  very good opposition including Dave Hubboard. super test 400 cosmetic surgery chicago panca hyperextension anavar 50mg

Edward Rowland 14/5/14(won 30-12)

Just to let you know that Lancing A travelled to West Hoathly yesterday and beat them 30-12. The rink was – Barry Steadman, John Chubb, Ron Richardson, Stewart Gobeil.   buy injectable anabolic steroids limos san diego mandelmehl kaufen power clean

2014 Lancing Bowling Club Members

  Men   Men   Ladies   1 Baily D.     1 Byrnes K Mrs 1 2 Best A Mr     2 Clement P. Mrs. 2 3 Baker K.     3 Cochran J Mrs 3 4 Boakes R.     4 Cox S Mrs 4 5 Buckenham J.     5 Dain […]

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