2015 Adur League 21st Aug. Southwick 5.30 pm /Brodie/ Stracey 22nd August West Tarring 2pm

Please click photos to view teams.  Confirm availability by ticking names in clubhouse. Adur League at Southwick starts at 5.30 Stracey game v West Tarring (Field Place) 2pm / Brodie game at home. 2pm   d anabol buy anavar super kamagra

2015 Adur Members League Results 14th August

 Please Click ADUR LEAGUE RESULT 14th aug 2 1   ricette frullati proteici aylen alvarez pharmacie en ligne viagra 30 Min Back and Biceps Workout to BUILD MUSCLE Muscle Building Workouts Back and Bicep Bodybuilding real hgh injections for sale Women and Bodybuilding for Beginners

2015 Adur Members League v Southwick Park 31/7/15

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2015 Adur Members League Rules

Adur Members League Rules This Competition is between clubs in the Adur area and played on a home and away basis. Each team will consist of 4 or 6 rinks of 3 Wood Triples played over 18 ends. No Trial ends, however only one shot to be awarded on the first two ends. If a […]

2015 Adur v Shoreham (A) 24/7 Stracey v Southwick (H) 26/7 Briodie v Southwick 26/7 (A) B&H Hollingbury 28/7 (A) y

Click Photos to View For all those members involved. Please sign off in clubhouse and telephone Barry or Phil if unavailable steroids.uk beste anabolen kuur olympia live stream body en fitshop zwolle conditie opbouwen thuis natuurlijke anabolen oceania bayonne tarif city training la roche sur yon intermittierendes fasten nachteile

2015 Adur Members League Results 17/7/15

Date Fixture Score Points July 17th Lancing v Southwick 94/100 6/10    Southwick Park v Shoreham 101/57 16/0          July 24th  Shoreham v Lancing         Southwick Park v Southwick              July 31st  Lancing v Southwick Park        Shoreham v Southwick       […]

2015 Adur Members League Rules & Fixtures

    Please click link to view /Adur Members League Rules. 1doc   ADUR LEAGUE Fixtures webdoc   http://sustanon-250.phcmeds.com/testosterone-enanthate.html smartlifting cipionato buy at miami-roids.pro sibutramin kaufen

2014 Adur League v Southwick Park 1st Aug (Lost 10-6)

                        Adur league Date:                               Friday 1st August Start Time                            6 pm. Versus:                             Southwick. Park  Home/Away:                      Home. League/Friendly/Mixed:   League. Men/ Ladies:                        Mixed. Rinks/Triples                        6 x Triples Whites/Greys                      Greys. ///////////////////////////////////////// 1     J.Parsons      Won 2     V.Parsons 3 S     D.Raymond ///////////////////////////////////////// 1      P.Mciver       Lost 2       ?????? 3 S      S.Gobeil ///////////////////////////////////////// 1      J.Carter 2      D.Bailey […]

Adur League v Southwick Park

                               Adur     League Date:                                          Friday   23rd Aug.           Start   Time                                 1730                     Versus:                                    Southwick   Park Home/Away:                          Away League/Friendly/Mixed:     League Men/   Ladies:                         Mixed Rinks/   Triples/Pairs              Triples Whites/Greys                        Greys ///////////////////////////////////////////////// Team  1          1             V.Parsons   2             J.Parsons    3                  S            D.Raymond  ///////////////////////////////////////// //////                               Team   2           1                K.Stainer  2                S.Pennock 3                   S                S.Gobe //////////////////////////////////////////////// […]

Adur League v Southwick

                        Adur league Date:                Friday 16TH August Start Time                            5:30pm. Versus:                                 Southwick.   Home/Away:                      Home. League/Friendly/Mixed:   League. Men/ Ladies:                        Mixed. Rinks/Triples                        5x Triples. Whites/Greys                      Greys. ///////////////////////////////////////// 1     D Bailey. 2     D Cochran. 3 S     R Tibbey. ///////////////////////////////////////// 1      K Preston. 2      P McIver. 3 S      C Wady. ///////////////////////////////////////// 1      ??????????? 2      D Horner. 3 S      P […]

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